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LCO2 Cryogenic Liquid Pump

LCO2 Cryogenic Liquid Pump

The LCO2 Cryogenic Liquid Pump is used for LCO2 bottle-filling system. Its purpose is to pressurize the cryogenic liquid in storage tank for vaporization and then fill the bottle. The LCO2 Cryogenic Liquid Pump also can be used for gas supply system of LCO2 middle-pressure pipe net. Its purpose is to pressurize the cryogenic liquid in the system and then supply gas to pipe net.
It is of stable performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance. If it is properly installed, the start-up time is about 3 to 5 minutes. The optimized design and elaborate fabrication guarantee long-time safe and reliable operation.

Main Specification:
1. Working Medium: Carbon Dioxide
2. Flow Rate: 30~20000L/h
3. Max. Pressure: 16.5~70.0Mpa

Sureway production of air separation equipment, and industrial gas equipment is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, energy and other fields. At present, the company has been in 40000-60000 m3 / h level technology of large air separation devices and has achieved a major breakthrough in the order. With many years of design, production for large and medium-sized air separation equipment ability and rich experience. Our company designs and manufactures air separation products all over the world to many countries and regions where get general recognition of the customers at home and abroad and praise.

We use our own design and manufacture of strong technical reserves in air separation equipment, realize the extension of industry chain, in addition to providing complete sets of air separation plant, acquisitions and also set up many factories to provide customers with a full range of gas transportation, storage and transportation equipment.

CO2 Cryogenic Liquid Pump



















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