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Oxygen/Nitrogen Compressor

3Z-3.33/165 type Oxygen/Nitrogen Compressor (product code is H318) is a vertical, three row, five stage, water-cooled cylinder non-lubricated piston compressor which is ancillary unit for KDON-180, KDON-350, KDON-550 air separation equipment.

3Z-3.33/165 type Oxygen/Nitrogen Compressor’s motion mechanism adopts vertical three row piston type motion mechanism, the piston force is 3.5 tons. Its lubrication mode of lubricating oil is difference with other manufacturers’ simply throwing type. The crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead pin, copper sleeve and bearing bush drill with oil holes, in the operation pressure of 0.12-0.30MPa, lubricating oil cooling by oil cooler and through oil holes and direct injection of each movement contact surface, forming oil film in these movement contact surface and take away the heat generated by friction. The unit has greatly extended the life, and decrease shaft power.

The piston of Oxygen/Nitrogen Compressor is adopts advanced spherical structure connection, the fourth stage and fifth stage piston automatically find the center of cylinder line, it makes the piston and piston ring always reciprocating motion at the center of cylinder line(Self centering), greatly prolong the service life of piston ring and bearing bush.

The external cooler adopts water-bath stainless steel coil as cooling pipe, Maintenance simply, only need remove connecting tube and lift out of the cooling coil for descaling.

The Main Technical Parameters

Model:  3Z-3.33/165 type

Product Code: H318

Forms:  vertical, three row, five stage, non-lubricated piston, water-cooled cylinder

Inhalation Conditions: 

      Medium: dry oxygen/nitrogen/argon gas

      Pressure: 0.000098MPa

      Temperature: ≤32 °C 

Displacement: 200Nm3 / h

Discharge Pressure: 16.17Mpa

Discharge Temperature: ≤40 °C

Piston Stroke: 180mm

Cylinder Diameter:  ø255 (I stage), ø255 (II stage), ø145 (III stage), ø80 (IV stage), ø48 (V Stage)

Crankshaft speed: 255r/min

Shaft Power: 52Kw

Cooling water consumption: 7.2T/hr. 

Oil pump Pressure: 0.10-0 .30 MPa

Crankcase oil temperature: <60℃

Noise level: ≤ 112dB (A)

Compressor Total Weight: 5500Kg

Matching Motor:  

      Model: Y280M-6P

      Power: 55KW

      Speed: 980r/min

      Voltage: 380V

Oxygen/Nitrogen/Argon Compressor Oxygen Compressor



















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